The Whisper II

by Shoecraft

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This album is dedicated to the few moments of stillness we find just before falling asleep. May it be used as a guide in those moments, to navigate memories, embrace uncertainty, find true peace, and, most urgently, listen.


released September 25, 2016

Our primary thanks belongs to Jesus for the ability to enjoy Him through music, and for giving us a reason to exist. The rest is an endless list of family, friends, and supporters who have continually humbled us with their desire to encourage our art. The making of this album is attributed to the generosity and work of Resonant Mastering Studios (Mastering), Ruben Perez of Artist Reformation (album art and design), Colin Foxley (Drums on 5,6,10), Zack Alva (Electric), Dane Hibbard (Bass on 2) Lynn Hallstrom (A Chapel on Swans Trail), Jim (609 First Street Venue), Luke Taklo (Woolly Records), City Impact, Grandma Judy Thayer (for her support and basement) and the Baughman, Main, Casel, and Thayer families for supporting us in all our various endeavors.



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Shoecraft Snohomish, Washington

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Track Name: Cottonwood
Stand the hollow cottonwood, Stand the forest tall and steady where our lips began to push, where our hands first learned to carry

Part the promise from my throat, everybody’s out there changing
Sister, Sister come, there’s a Holy Kingdom waiting

It seems as though you’ve always been around, but I am hardly listening

I am growing older, growing weary of my constant wandering
Track Name: Eyes, Blue
Winter’s ending
I’ve been gone for some time
I’ll ride northbound on the western line
I’ll see you again when the cold nights are over

I was lost
In the dead of night
You were indoors, out of the bitter cold
Silent stars watched over my wandering heart

A photograph is all that lasts long
With glory years and quiet fears gone
When summer days are far away
You can dream of skies and lover’s eyes

Spring came calling with the rain, and the trees grew
Against my view

I tried to decide how to tell you
But the clouds fade
The birds offered to wait
Until I see you
See you
See you
See blue
Track Name: Jemimah Belle
Fire kept you live, and kept your faith to be an honest one
You were kept inside a bourbon cage
Do what your mother should say

Crooked dandelion, a grayish paint, to be an artist some day
It’s in your blood, its in your mouth
But honey nothing’s the same

Fifteen meters out, could feel the swells, as they swept you
underneath the clouds, a sudden plunge
but this is all we should take

I felt it too
Felt, Felt
Hold, A steepened blue
It all fell through
Track Name: Cheeks
You’re the sum of everything I think, while I am lying fast asleep
I let you in and let you speak, what a fool I can be
Untied my purpose over time, and to everyone it’s no surprise
I guess not to me

When I said I’ll plant this soul of mine
on the steadiest rock I find
I will finally see
That though my illness hides behind these gleaming eyes
I’ll learn to see

You were a feeling, I could assume
It just the way you’re moving, When you’re moving me
Caught me up dreaming, I was a student
Out betting on the future watching people move on
People moving on
Track Name: Sleepwalk
Sink or swim is the only way I learn
If I play with fire i’m bound to get burned
But I don’t want to hurt myself
If it can be helped
And I don’t want to be with people better than myself

And I’ll see you
I can see in the dark now
And I’ll hear you
I can speak from the heart now
And I’ll be there
I can walk in my sleep now
The fire’s on the outside of the wall

I think i’ve come to the end of my rope
I’m sick of waiting on the promises and hope
But I don’t want to hurt myself
If it can be helped
And I don’t want to be with people better than myself
Track Name: Brushes
When we were alone, it didn’t bother me
Did what we could to keep our bodies clean
But I see spirits, I see imagery
And It hardly mattered what you said to me

Exchanging bits of colored plastic
Windshield wipers, Johnny Cash hits
Play me the one your older brother likes
The one that keeps us both awake at night

Something born, something tragic
As if our time was meant for lasting
The day you found out he took everything
And said, “The Lord has something new for me.”

Maybe it’s alright
Maybe it’s alright
It’ll come around
End alright
Track Name: Passing Light
Said it wouldn’t break if it could bend
And I knew you were the only one who meant it
So we split it backwards over the fence
Hoping we’d learn some kind of lesson
Is it worth losing all your best friends

I put it in the backseat like I promised
In between the stereotypes and tonic
Parked your car you said, “Be honest,
Is this the life you always wanted?
And do you want it now?”

Cause i’ve been up all evening
Lying awake, Trying to escape
All my time spent chasing dreams I’d lost in the wake
Lost in the space between us

I saw it in your eyes, on your way out
You were always a passing light
A vision in the night, with the lights out
Don’t we all see something

Don’t pass me by on your way down
On your way out
Don’t pass me by on your out
Track Name: Gojibson
Down, I stuck around
Looking for something that was understandable
Bound by color and sound
You traded places with that ancient mystery boat

As if it makes a difference I could’ve sworn
You heard the living voice of God
That consequential visit
Night your truck broke down and you almost came along

Now, you’re moving out
To somewhere less vacant and that’s understandable
Doubt, ole stutterin’ doubt
But you and your girl saw the whole thing tangible

Now the family’s back in Phoenix making a diagram
Of everything you said you knew
And you’ve been up all evening hoping you could
Drink it off cause it’s what you’re used to

I believe we all resolve to something
A revolution’s season come to end
We blame it all on trivial feeling
Only till it comes to life again

Lying with your face down like a promise
Was there something in the moment you desired?
Was there something I could say to make you feel it?
Is there something at the moment keeping you alive?
Track Name: Where It Went
Give me a reason, give me a chance to get down off the fence
And it fell through the ceiling in fire and healing and consequence
And I broke like the ocean on the shore of your empty apartment

I couldn’t tell you where it went
But I sure don’t feel it anymore
I’ve heard it’s easy to forget
What you’re out there looking for
What you’re out there looking for

We met the sole Son of David in your parent’s old basement on monday nights
We sang when we meant it and moved when we felt the time was right
Days became weeks became months become visions of afterlife

I couldn’t tell you where it goes
Places and people I know
My peace of mind out on the whipping post
It’s what i’m out here looking for
It’s what i’m out here looking for
Track Name: The Garden
Meet me in the garden
I’ll wait for you there

Tell me to be faithful
As the rising sun
Oh, i’ll wait for you there

Lead me by the waters
Still as the moon
Oh, they quiet my soul

Wolves are in the garden
I’m not strong enough

When you call, i’ll see you
In the colored light, in the bitter mess
In the hand of time
And you’re spinnin like and Autumn sun,
When i’m calling out
Oh, i’ll wait for you there
Track Name: Waiting
I was up against my own resolution
You were set upon another solution
My apology was not what you asked for
When you came down
When you came down

You were waiting for the end of night
Light came flowing out of every constellation
In our silence you held such delight
I was hoping for an open conversation

You desired of the first of my longing
You in spite of me were slow in responding
“Patience, oh my love” is all that you told me
I came around
I came around